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    Transparent and accountable global governance agenda

    Memorandum of Understanding
    On the 14th IACC

    This MoU sets out the main responsibilities of the parties organizing the 14th IACC in 2010 in Thailand and defines the basic parameters for the Conference.

    The parties to this MoU shall consist of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of Thailand; the International Anti Corruption Conference Council (IACC Council); Transparency International (TI) as Secretariat to the IACC Council; and TI Thailand.

    1. As stated in the letter of 26 September 2008, signed by the President of the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand, the NACC has committed itself to co-host, together with the Royal Thai Government, the 14th IACC in Thailand in October/November 2010. The NACC shall assume responsibility for providing the Core Fund, based on the indicative budget attached to this MoU, which is necessary to secure the holding of the conference in Thailand. The provision of this funding shall be subject to the official approval of the budget by the Thai parliament and, as detailed in Item 2 below, subject to the understanding that the other parties to this MoU shall assist with the identification of sponsors/donors and the raising of additional funds. With the endorsement of the Royal Thai Government and possibly other relevant Thai authorities, the NACC shall act as the official national counterpart for the Conference and shall appoint a liaison person(s) for the 14th IACC to act on its behalf. The liaison person(s) shall work with TI and TI Thailand to implement the 14th IACC.

    2. The Core Fund of approximately € 2.2 million shall cover the local costs related to the Conference: renting the Conference venue; hiring a Conference Organizing Company (see Item 5); hosting events; and etc., as set out in the Indicative Budget. It shall also include a “Programme Development Contribution” (PDC), to be paid to the TI Secretariat, and a “Participation Fund” (PF) to support VIP and expert participation as well as broad international attendance, especially from developing countries. TI shall submit reports on the use of the PDC to the NACC, according to the pre-determined schedule.

    While the ultimate responsibility for providing the above-mentioned Core Fund shall rest with the NACC, the remaining parties to this MoU shall endeavour to raise funds from third-party donors to contribute to this Fund. In addition, all parties shall endeavour to identify sponsors and raise further funds in addition to the Core Fund: these shall be used primarily to cover any additional costs in excess of the estimated € 2.2 million Core Fund. The remainder shall be returned to the NACC.

    3. TI, in consultation with the NACC and under the guidance of the IACC Council, shall be responsible for preparing and implementing the Conference Programme, which shall include plenary sessions, concurrent workshops and special events. TI shall work with all parties to this MoU, together with a wide range of international organizations and individuals, to collate suggested topics and shape the final Programme. TI shall be responsible for the professional quality of the Conference. Additionally, TI shall service the 14th IACC Programme Committee, the advisory body for programme development, which shall consist of a maximum of ten international anti-corruption experts, including two members nominated by the NACC and one member nominated by TI Thailand.

    4. TI Thailand shall be the co-host of the 14th IACC and shall thus have one member on the 14th IACC Programme Committee and shall also co-chair the 14th IACC Host Committee (see Item 6).

    5. The NACC, in consultation with the TI Secretariat and TI Thailand, shall hire a professional Conference Organizing Company to manage the Conference. The responsibilities of the Company shall include all elements related to the Conference: preparations, marketing, registration of participants, collection of registration fees, transportation, translation/interpretation, logistics, hosting of events, etc.

    6. The 14th IACC Host Committee shall be set up, consisting of from nine to fourteen distinguished members drawn from the public sector, civil society, the private sector and academia. It shall promote the conference in Thailand and shall be co-chaired by the NACC and TI Thailand.

    7. Venue, date and target attendance
    The 14th IACC shall take place during late October or early November 2010 and shall last for four days. It shall start with an opening plenary and reception and shall close on the fourth day with a final plenary. The Conference venue shall be able to accommodate plenary sessions of up to 1,500 participants and up to eight concurrent workshop sessions with a maximum of 200 participants each.

    8. Theme of the 14th IACC
    The Conference theme and title shall be chosen by the IACC Council in consultation with and with the agreement of the NACC and TI Thailand.

    The signing of this MoU shall affirm the agreement of all parties to the above. Based on the MoU, a detailed Implementation Plan with Annexes (Indicative Budget, Organization Chart and reporting lines, Responsibilities and Activities of each organizing body, Timeline) shall be subsequently prepared by TI. The Implementation Plan shall specify the roles and responsibilities of the various bodies involved in the organization of the 14th IACC, with a time frame, schedules for financial transfers, reports, liability and insurance policies, registration fees and redistribution of net registration fee revenues.


    Mr. Panthep Klanarongran, President
    For the National Anti-Corruption Commission
    Location and date: Athens, October 31, 2008

    Justice Barry O’Keefe, Chair
    For the IACC Council
    Location and date: Athens, October 31, 2008

    Mme. Huguette Labelle, Chair
    For Transparency International
    Location and date: Athens, October 31, 2008

    Dr. Juree Vichit-Vadakan, Chair
    For TI Thailand
    Location and date: Athens, October 31, 2008

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