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  • IACC - Newsflash

    From Bangkok to Brazil

    June Newsflash 

    Everything You Need to know about the Next IACC


    Each IACC will spur real debate on some of the most critical challenges facing our world today; These are the IACC Global Challenges such as sustainability, human security, climate governance and natural resources and energy markets. There are of course many other vital issues we could explore and the Bangkok Declaration has set the tone for an IACC that is evolving with a particular emphasis on people. The 15th IACC will facilitate a cutting edge global exchange around three dimensions related to people: public mobilisation, support for victims and the witnesses of corruption, and most importantly, connecting a global community of people sharing a common mission to create change and crack corruption.

    The more ideas, the better: we are really interested in what you’d like to see on the agenda. Is there a working question that you’d like to pose? Let us know by sending us an email at 15iacc@transparency.org .

    How Can I get INVOLVED?

    There are loads of different ways to have your say at and on the next IACC. If you’d like to participate in a workshop, the opportunity to submit your workshop proposals will begin around October. But you can start planning your workshop now! Think about the topic you would like to address, the link between the issue and corruption and it’s crucial to choose a team of panellists that you know will make a great contribution to the debate. Invite your preferred panellists to make some space in their agenda for mid-November 2012.

    If you are a young journalist and would like to join our social media team, keep an eye on our facebook page for news on competitions, opportunities to hook up with other young journalists and to stay plugged in to corruption in the news.

    When Can I Register?

    Registration will open approximately in February 2012. That’s about 8 months before the conference so you will have plenty of time to plan your trip.

    April Newsflash


    During the last five years the IACC has moved across the globe from Europe to Asia, and in 2012 the international anti-corruption community will meet to tackle the world’s most pressing global challenges in the Americas. If you have not heard already, the news was officially confirmed by Minister Jorge Hage Sobrinho in Bangkok; the next edition of the IACC will be held in Brazil.


    We are working hard on setting the dates, for now we would like to invite you to pencil in the second week of November 2012. Watch this space for details on the exact dates.


    Along with the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG), we will be working closely with two Brazil based civil society organisations known as AMARRIBO, and Instituto Ethos.

    Founded in 1998, Instituto Ethos is a non-profit organisation that focuses on Business and Social Responsibility. Its mission is to mobilize, encourage and assist companies manage businesses in a socially responsible manner, creating partners to build a just, ethically moral and sustainable society.

    AMARRIBO stands for Amigos Associados de Ribeirão Bonito. Ribeirão Bonito is a village with about 12,000 inhabitants located in São Paulo. In 1999 in efforts to improve the socio-economic status of the village, a set of public meetings were set to bring together citizens with a drive for change. Today AMARRIBO has evolved into a network affiliated with approximately 190 organisations in Brazil, working on issues such as access to information, civic engagement, anti-corruption and transparency.

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