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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: Anti-Corruption Challenges in Post-Conflict and Recovery Situations

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    Coordinator: Julia Keutgen, Policy Specialist, UNDP, Democratic Governance Group

    Moderator: Dan Dionisie, Policy Specialist on Public Administration Reform and Anti-corruption, UNDP, Bratislava Regional Centre
    Rapporteur: Arkan El-Seblani, Legal Specialist, UNDP, Regional Bureau for Arab States


    Sarah Dix, Independent researcher

    Sebastien Gouraud, Policy Specialist, UNDP, Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery

    Karen Hussmann, Independent researcher

    Pauline Riak, Chairperson of the Anti Corruption Commission of Southern Sudan

    Martin Rodriguez Pellecer, Researcher, FLASCO-Guatemala

    Corruption poses a grave threat not only to governance in general but also to the stability of fragile democracy in post-war countries. Governments in developing countries that have experienced violent conflict are particularly vulnerable to corruption, when the corrupt excesses of government officials and politicians lead to lack of basic services and economic opportunities. This may generate public frustration which erodes state legitimacy at a time when it is most needed. In the post-war environment this often fuels renewed outbreaks of violent conflict. However, there are many cases where the peace process may rely on servicing the patronage networks of previously warring factions, making it difficult to address the issue of corruption without unravelling the peace process itself. For that reason, it is of utmost importance to understand how and why conflict and post-war situations lead to corruption, and to identify ways to deal with the situation without jeopardizing peace.

    The Workshop will seek to galvanize the debate and identify a set of recommendations. The discussion will start with a brief presentation of a study commissioned by UNDP on Anti-Corruption Efforts in Post-Conflict and Recovery Processes. The research explores the dynamics between corruption and post-conflict/recovery processes following violent, widespread armed conflict and provides insight, based on five countries (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Timor Leste), into the challenges of anti-corruption efforts in post-conflict countries. The workshop will discuss and exchange knowledge and experience on this very understudied and critical area which is gaining increased international attention. Lessons learned, best practices and case studies from several post-conflict countries will be highlighted. Some of the recommendations which will be discussed during the workshop can useful for other partners when programming their anti-corruption interventions in post-conflict contexts.

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