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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: Anti-corruption initiatives by the Multi-lateral Development Banks: Cross Debarment and other innovations

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    Coordinator: Stephen Zimmermann, Director of Operations, World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency

    The signing of the cross-debarment agreement by 5 Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) has taken the efforts of the MDBs to fight fraud and corruption to a new level. The agreement is the outcome of a collaborative process that will substantially increase the cost of corruption in development projects and opens the door to new harmonization initiatives. This workshop will provide an opportunity for the leaders of each of the integrity units of the leading MDBs to discuss the cross debarment agreement as well as present recent initiatives and policy changes in their approaches to investigating, sanctioning and preventing corruption risks in their projects. The workshop will also highlight other partnerships that aim at enhancing anticorruption efforts at the regional and national levels. One of the important features of the workshop will be to emphasize the ongoing collaboration and dialogue between MDBs to harmonize procedures on the anticorruption front. This coordination is primarily aimed to enhance corporate accountability and promote a global culture of integrity. Through the engagement with different audiences, this workshop will also aim to seek views and perspectives on how to advance the inclusion of national authorities, civil society and the private sector in addressing corruption-related challenges in the work of the MDBs. For MDBs this is an important aspect of strengthening global anticorruption efforts where there is a need to acknowledge and create more space for interaction with CSOs.

    Moderator: Paul Lachal Roberts, Advisor to the Director General European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) European Commission

    Rapporteur: Suzanne Mulcahy, Programme Coordinator, Policy and Research, Transparency International


    Mrs. Enery Quinones, Chief Compliance Officer. European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

    Duncan Smith, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    Brigida Benitez, Chief, Office of Institutional Integrity, Inter-American Development Bank Group

    Peter Egens Pedersen, Head, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity

    Clare Wee, Director, Office of Anti-corruption and Integrity
    Vinay Sharma, Director, Procurement and Fiduciary Services, African Development Bank Group

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