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    Workshop: Can corporate public reporting be credible and drive change?

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    DATE: Friday12 November: 17.30:19.30


    Transparency is a first line defence against corruption supporting good governance, accountability and reputation. It enables stakeholders to access corporate policies and processes and to initiate discussion and questioning. Public reporting, a formalised dimension of transparency, is important to countering corruption as it drives change, informs stakeholders about matters of importance to them, can enhance reputation and assist in deterring corrupt approaches. However, Transparency International’s research shows that most large companies have a long way go in reporting adequately on their anti-corruption measures. Further, the financial crisis and continuing corporate scandals related to bribery and corruption have diminished public trust in corporate behaviour, their communications and reporting.

    There is growing demand by investors, civil society and other stakeholders for reliable material disclosures by companies across the corporate, governance, financial and sustainability areas. This workshop examines current progress and trends in reporting looking at the frameworks and standards offered to companies for reporting and specifically anti-corruption, developments in mandatory, integrated and continuous reporting and how credibility can be provided to corporate reporting on anti-corruption though assurance. The workshop will present the newly released public consultation draft of the TI Framework for Voluntary Independent Assurance of Corporate Anti-bribery Programmes.

    ORGANISER: Peter Wilkinson, Senior Adviser, Private Sector Programme, Transparency International
    MODERATOR: Ronald E Berenbeim, The Conference Board
    RAPPORTEUR: Bronwyn Best, Transparency International Canada


    Alan Knight, Senior Fellow, AccountAbility – Developments in sustainability reporting
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    Georg Kell , Executive Director, UN Global Compact – The Global Compact Communication on Progress and the new UNGC-TI Reporting Guidance on the 10th Principle against Corruption

    Jacques Marnewicke, Head of Group Compliance, Sanlam – Developments on integrated reporting in South Africa and the practicalities of implementing a continuous reporting approach
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    Jermyn Brooks, Chair, Business Advisory Board Transparency International – The TI Framework for Voluntary Independent Assurance of Corporate Anti-Bribery Programmes

    Jo Isawaki, Technical Manager, Assurance, Audit & Assurance Faculty, ICAEW – Is assurance of anti-corruption programmes a feasible proposition?

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