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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: CLEAN ENERGY – Corruption and Conflicts of Interest in the Electricity Sector

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    Corruption is pervasive in the capital-intensive electricity sector. Kickbacks to government officials to secure contracts for building new power plants or providing fuel or equipment are all too common. Clean energy technology markets, while crucial, are not immune to fraud or corruption either. These conflicts of interests have an effect on power development plans that shape a country’s energy choices, as well as on the effectiveness of regulatory oversight of licensing and pricing. Such incidences of corruption not only compromise public interests, they also undermine long term consumer confidence in clean energy markets. Poor electricity governance and limited independent scrutiny of planning, contracting and procurement processes allow such corruption to fester.

    The workshop will showcase innovative strategies to fight corruption in a sector that has historically received little attention from civil society, yet which is capital intensive and at the center of sustainable development and climate change efforts. It will address the question of how transparency and accountability can break the links between corruption and the unsustainable management of natural and energy resources. Speakers will highlight the role and challenges of civil society in holding institutions accountable for effective implementation of energy policies and share experiences from four different countries: Thailand, India, Indonesia, and South Africa. The workshop will pay special attention to the role of regulatory institutions as an emerging arena for civil society participation in the monitoring of both conventional and renewable energy contracting and procurement.

    The speakers are part of the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI), a unique network of civil society organizations dedicated to promoting transparent, accountable and inclusive decision making in the electricity sector. EGI will compile a compendium of emerging strategies and challenges that will be available on its website: http://electricitygovernance.wri.org


    You can listen to the Podcast by clicking on the play arrow below.

    Please note that panelists often speak in Spanish and the audio starts at about 23 seconds.

    Corruption Podcast

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    Coordinator and Moderator: Davida Wood, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute
    Rapporteur: Bharath Jairaj, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute


    Suphakij Nuntavarakorn, Senior Researcher, Healthy Public Policy Foundation

    Shantanu Dixit, Founding member, Prayas Energy Group, India

    Fabby Tumiwa, Executive Director of Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), Indonesia

    Gary Pienaar, Senior Analyst, Idasa, South Africa

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