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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: Corruption and Human Trafficking: unraveling the indistinguishable for a better fight

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    Moderator: Dr. Alessandro Calvani, Director of the ASEAN Center of Excellence on Millennium Development Goals

    In order to bridge the gaps between the embedded issues of corruption and human trafficking, the workshop’s main objectives are to officially address the problem by first establishing a typology and second by proposing solutions and measures to lead a better fight. This highly interactive and proactive workshop will highlight the importance of integrating human trafficking and corruption issues into legislative instruments and assess how this could be achieved in a reasonable time frame. The idea of drafting a specialized training tool to educate the security sector and law enforcement agencies about the issue of corruption in the traffic of human beings will also be discussed.

    Throughout the session, part of the focus will be directed to the possibility of creating a Working Group, which will take over the work that has been initiated in the Workshop. The Working Group will aim at raising awareness, educating and increasing knowledge production and diffusion on the bound that links the issues of corruption and human trafficking. The members of the working group will work together to strengthen international cooperation, build up regional networks and seek assistance from international organizations, as well as conducting research, monitoring and reporting global trends.

    The Workshop’s panel will be composed of some of the most highly qualified experts in both fields of corruption and human trafficking. Anne Brandt Christensen from the Danish NGO HopeNow will present a lively concentrated narrative that will tell the true story of trafficked women, followed up by a brief more theoretical look at corruption in the human trafficking chain. The presentation will mainly aim at illustrating the root causes, the push factors and the elements of corruption that interweave throughout the whole trafficking cycle. Prof. Leslie Holmes from the University of Melbourne will highlight the link between corruption and human trafficking by presenting a transversal analysis of the issue of corruption in each phase of the phenomenon and amongst different sectors. He will also highlight numerous measures that government and International Organizations can and should take to reduce both trafficking and corruption. Nicole Barrett form the International Center for Criminal Law and Reform will discuss the legal aspects of human trafficking. Finally, Ricardo Valdes from the Peruvian organization «Capital Humano y Social Alternativo» will share the experience of its organization specialized in the fight against human trafficking in Peru. Capital Humano y Social Alternativo has given numerous training on human trafficking to the security sector in Peru.

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