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    Coordinator: Lilian Ekeanyanwu – Head Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms-TUGAR -Nigeria

    The Beijing – Plus -15- Conference under the auspices of the 54th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women [CSW] provided an opportunity for an analysis and audit of progress made on the issue of gender equality since the Beijing Platform of Action in 1995. The review incorporated Country, Regional and Global reports providing a comprehensive analysis of issues and trends relating to Women’s Rights and Security and the interface and implications for the Millennium Development Goals.

    While some progress has been made, some recurrent and emerging trends which pose a significant threat to the achievement of the MDGS are identified by the review. According to the Commission on the Status of Women, “—-since Beijing, while the situation of women and girls had changed for the better, new challenges had emerged. Indeed, the recent economic and financial turmoil, food crisis and challenges posed by climate change were having a disproportionate impact on women.”

    This Workshop will provide a Value Chain analysis of the traditional and emerging challenges to actualizing gender equality in order to assign weight and frequency to Corruption, transparency and accountability or absence thereof, within the chain. This will be achieved by isolating critical sectors which interfaces with the MDGS such as Access to Justice and Women’s Participation in Governance. The Workshop will also through documentaries examine how far corruption affects women’s rights and the correlation between gender- tilted anomalies such as Trafficking in Persons, and corruption. The Workshop will further propose intervention strategies and present functional partnership models which can be mobilized around the issue at the country, regional and global levels. The discourse will also examine and canvass the harmonization and engendering of the monitoring mechanisms within global anti-corruption instruments [UNCAC and UNTOC] as an intervention strategy.

    Moderator: Sudarsana Kundu – Gender and Governance Specialist, UNIFEM

    Rapporteur: Chantal Uwimana -Regional Director –Africa and the Middle East- Transparency International.


    Mrs Ezinwa Okoroafor – Country Vice President International Federation of Women Lawyers- [FIDA] Nigeria. Download Presentation Download Paper

    Ms Londa Esadze – Caucasian Office of Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC), George Mason University Download Presentation Download Paper

    Ms Cecilia Blondet – Proética, National Chapter of Transparency International in Perú Download Presentation

    Ms Arwa Hassan – GTZ\ Transparency International Download Presentation

    Ms Lilian Ekeanyanwu – Head Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms-TUGAR -Nigeria Download Presentation

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