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    Global Challenges

    Workshop: Getting Carbon Market Governance right from Day One

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    Coordinator: Dr. Gernot Wagner, Economist, Environmental Defense Fund, New York, United States

    Climate change will not be solved by blocking market forces. Good policy requires us to channel them in the right direction. The best such policy is to cap greenhouse gas pollution and create a market for emissions reductions.

    This panel aims to build on the experience of the US trading program for sulphur dioxide, which successfully solved the acid rain problem, and takes key lessons from the EU’s trading program for carbon dioxide and the UN’s offset mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol to draw conclusions for good policy design for the emerging global carbon market.

    How to ensure transparency and accountability from the start? What makes carbon markets unique? What makes them no different from other commodity or financial markets? Who is ultimately in charge? Who ought to be? Which oversight role is there for the UN versus US, EU and other developed and developing country governments and institutions?

    Despite early successes and valuable experience, carbon markets are still at the cusp of taking off internationally. By identifying the right questions to ask and providing first answers, this workshop will aim to help frame governance in the right light from day one.

    Taking the Issue To Scale

    To learn lots more about the current debate on Carbon Markets, check out the Environmental Defense Fund blog, and see the Transparency International Global Corruption Report on Climate Change


    You can listen to the Podcast by clicking on the play arrow below.

    Please note that panelists often speak in Spanish and the audio starts at about 23 seconds.

    Corruption Podcast

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    Moderator: Dr. Gernot Wagner, Economist, Environmental Defense Fund, New York, United States

    Rapporteur: Farzana Nazwaz, Programme Coordinator, Transparency International


    Aarthi S. Anand, Climate Change Attorney, Delhi, India

    Professor Donald A. Brown, Ethicist, Penn State University, United States

    Dr. Barbara Buchner, Director, The Climate Policy Initiative, Venice, Italy

    Professor Michael Wara, Assistant Professor, Stanford Law School, United States

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