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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: “Opportunities and threats of REDD+ – Why we need an active anti-corruption community when 15-30 bn. US$ might be invested to mitigate global warming

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    A substantial amount of financial resources are likely to be invested for mitigating Climate Change through REDD+. The workshop will facilitate mutual learning between experts and practitioners from the forest & climate and anti-corruption communities to strengthen corruption prevention mechanisms in this area.

    The objective is to harness the potential of integrating preventive anti-corruption measures in designing a successful implementation of REDD+. The workshop should enhance a substantive anti-corruption perspective to the debate around REDD+ at an early stage.

    Therefore, there will be three inputs and substantive discussion with the objective to reach a common understanding of REDD+ within the audience, provide an overview on corruption risks being discussed at both international and country level and how they have been addressed so far, and identify further corruption risks areas and possible fields of future action and cooperation.

    Moderation and key note: Veerle Vandeweerd, Director, Environment and Energy group, UNDP


    Tim Clairs, Senior Technical Advisor, UNDP, UN-REDD Programme
    Mr. Clairs will introduce the general aspects of the REDD+ mechanism; including REDD, REDD+ and REDD readiness
    Reference level (baseline) of historic/future emissions from deforestation
    Engagement of stakeholders
    Measuring, Reporting, Verifying of emission reductions and safeguards
    Nationally-owned REDD strategies
    Performance-based payments and benefit distribution

    Aled Williams, U4, UK. Coordinator of study “REDD and Corruption”
    Mr. Williams will give an overview of corruption risks and initiatives dealing with corruption and forestry, especially REDD+. The presentation is based on publications by U4 and UNDP and will include:
    Overview of potential corruption challenges related to REDD+, at the global, regional, national, local and community levels
    Discussing applicability of existing analytical and assessment tools for mapping corruption risks in REDD programmes
    Discussing means to enhance monitoring of REDD performance from an anti-corruption viewpoint, with a particular focus on assessment and monitoring of specific corruption risks through multi-stakeholder processes

    Grizelda “Gerthie” Mayo-Anda, Environmental lawyer, Philippines, Founder of the “Environmental Legal Assistance Center – ELAC and board member of a variety of other NGOs
    Mrs. Mayo-Anda will speak about the practical implications of corruption for different activities in the forest sector (e.g. development projects, distribution of user rights or the implications for people employed in the sector).


    Structured discussion to exchange ideas and identify opportunities for cooperation.
    The main results of the workshop will be obtained through the discussion, a structured collection of insights and recommendations as well as resource persons and institutions for future cooperation. Scope of the discussion: what needs to be done and who can do what to integrate preventive anti-corruption measures in REDD+ development and implementation.

    The discussion will be guided along 4 prepared questions.

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