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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: Reconstructing Confidence: Strengthening Participatory Accountability in Health

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    Coordinator: Paul Banoba
    Moderator: Robin Hoddess: Director, Policy and Research, Transparency International


    David Winters, Manager, Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Country Programmes, The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB & Malaria

    Wilbert Bannenberg, Technical Director, International Secretariat, Medicines Transparency Alliance

    Guitelle- Baghdadi, Manager, Good Governance for Medicines, Essential
    Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies (EMP) WHO.

    Goodwell Lungu, Executive Director, Transparency International Zambia

    Despite increased funding allocations to Health initiatives, these efforts have not necessarily translated into marked improvements in human development indicators in many developing and transitional economies. This is in part explained by corruption and poor governance. As a result of poor governance, resources and efforts targeted at improving Public Health Systems are not maximized. This undermines the delivery of services to especially to vulnerable populations that need them most, continuing to undermine public trust in and reliance on the public services.

    A growing number of Participatory Governance Initiatives have been employed to address this challenge. Recent years have seen a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives with the active participation of Governments, civil society and the private sector working together to improve transparency and accountability around access to health services, access to medicines, among others.

    The workshop will showcase multi-stakeholder engagements to improve good governance in the Health Sector and share lessons from their implementation. The panellists will discuss Good Governance in the pharmaceuticals Sector; Implications for the functioning of Health Systems, the challenges and Opportunities for Improving Aid Effectiveness in the Health Sector, and lessons from country experiences.

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