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    Workshop: Restoring Trust: Innovative Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Thailand

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    The restoration of trust requires the engagement of all parts of society. To ensure such engagement, the fundamental policy and legal infrastructure needs to be conducive to participation and policy measures need to be correctly aligned with integrity goals. Getting the incentives right is of utmost importance. The fight against corruption cannot be undertaken in isolation, or divorced from the rest of society. Experience indicates that prevention is better than suppression, and yet for many, the immediate task of investigation and suppression consumes much of the available resources.

    The fight against corruption needs to be relentless and coordinated, and the legal and economic infrastructure is of fundamental importance. The Workshop starts off with the strategic plan for fighting corruption. Key aspects in terms of both law and economics are presented, and a spiritually-oriented paper rounds off the presentation. The legal discussion centers on Thailand’s progress in two specific areas of legal alignment with the UNCAC, namely, money laundering and extradition. The papers on economics focus alternatively on corruption at the local government level and at the policy level, with concrete examples and suggestions for innovation in policy. The Workshop closes with suggestions for mental cleansing and spiritual purification. All presentations are solution-based, offering policy recommendations that would contribute to the process of restoring trust in the country’s anti-corruption infrastructure.

    Workshop Coordinator: Mrs. Sirirat Vasuvat Director, Research Center, Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Email: sirirat_vas@hotmail.com

    Moderator: Dr. Sirilaksana Khoman Senior Advisor, Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission
    Email: siri.nacc@gmail.com

    Rapporteur: Dr. Nitinant Wisaweisuan Assistant Professor, the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University
    Email: nitinant@econ.tu.ac.th


    Dr. Utis Kaothien Honorary Advisor, Anti-Corruption Strategy, Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission
    Email: utis_kao@nacc.go.th
    Title: National Strategy on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion
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    Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn President, Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation
    Email: nipon@tdri.or.th
    Title: Tackling Corruption in Rice Price Intervention Programs: Towards a Preventive Scheme
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    Dr. Direk Patamasiriwat Professor, School of Development Economics, National Institute of Development Administration Email: Direk@econ.tu.ac.th
    Title: Corruption and Capture in Local Governance in Decentralizing Thailand
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    Police Col. Seehanat Prayoonrat, Ph. D. Acting Secretary-General, Thailand’s Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO)
    Email: snat@amlo.go.th
    Title: Thailand’s Anti-Money Laundering Measures in Compliance with the UN Convention against Corruption
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    Dr. Torsak Buranruangroj Chief Provincial Public Prosecutor, Office of the Attorney General, Thailand.
    Email: bltorsak@yahoo.com
    Title: Thailand’s Extradition Regime and the UNCAC
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    Mr. Machima Kunjara na Ayudhya CSRI Advisor, The Stock Exchange of Thailand Email: machima.kunjara@gmail.com
    Title: Fight Against Corruption @ the Root Cause: The New Challenge of Spiritual Purification
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