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    Workshop: State and non-state actors: a multi-stakeholder approach to recovering stolen assets

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    Coordinators: Tim Steele, Senior Governance Specialist, Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative

    Pedro Gomes Pereira, Asset Recovery Specialist, Basel Institute on Governance

    The United Nations Convention againt Corruption (UNCAC) emphasises that developed and developing countries share, together with non-state actors and international organisations, responsibility in tackling corruption. Furthermore, the UNCAC considers asset recovery as one of its fundamental principles. Asset recovery provides an opportunity for developed and developing countries, and their respective civil-society organisations, to work together at an operational level to pursue corruption cases, and thereby helping strengthen the rule of law and overcome impunity.

    International collaboration through multi-stakeholder and collective action is essential to any success of an asset recovery process. This workshop will not initiate on the topic: rather, it will seek to present on the basis of such multi-stakeholder experiences undertaken by the StAR initiative – the Global Forum – and the Basel Institute on Governance – through its Non-State Actors Experts’ meeting. Both institutions have been supporting approaches to make asset recovery more efficient and participatory.

    The workshop seeks to describe the roles of the non-state actors in the asset recovery process, and the role of development and law enforcement agencies in fostering international co-operation as envisaged by the UNCAC. It will also present recent innovations aimed at strengthening the capacity of countries to recover and return the proceeds of corruption. The workshop will focus on how to mobilise support for asset recovery initiatives.

    It is expected that the workshop will allow for greater networking amongst relevant stakeholders in building trust to take forward the asset recovery agenda, as well as for investigating the feasibility and possible implementation of new solutions identified during discussions.

    Moderator: Daniel Thelesklaf, Director of the International Centre for Asset Recovery, Basel Institute on Governance

    Rapporteur: Tim Steele, Senior Governance Specialist, Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative


    Valentin Zellweger, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland

    Robert Palmer, Kleptocracy Campaign, Global Witness

    Jesse Wachanga, Keny Anti-Corruption Commission

    Omoyele Sowore, Sahara Reporters

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