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  • Global Challenges

    Workshop: Strength in Numbers: Collective Action – Business Working in Partnership to Fight Corruption

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    Corruption involving the business sector is part of a broader phenomenon which cannot be tackled in isolation. On the one hand, corruption in the public sector is often fuelled by the willingness of enterprises to pay bribes. On the other hand, responsible enterprises that take a zero tolerance stance on bribery and corruption find it very challenging to live up to this commitment in the many countries or industry sectors where bribery in business is pervasive and extortion is a routine occurrence. Collective action, an approach where business works jointly with civil society, governments and other stakeholders, to address bribery and corruption, provides a constructive response to this problem. The workshop will provide an overview of collective action, the many forms it can take, its potential initiators, the process entailed to create collective action as well as some of the lessons learnt in recent past. The workshop will illustrate on-the-ground collective action initiatives taking place in different parts of the world. The panel which includes speakers from Asia, Colombia and Europe engage panellists and participants in an interactive discussion on lessons learnt to date on the various collective approaches that are being promoted and how to further engage business and other stakeholders in joint efforts to curb corruption.

    Workshop organiser:
    Susan Côté-Freeman, Programme Manager, Private Sector Transparency International

    Workshop rapporteur:
    Aleksander Shkolnikov, Director for Policy Reform, Centre for International Private Enterprise

    Mr Peter Brew, Asia Pacific Director, International Business Leaders Forum


    Djordjija Petkoski, Head of Business, Competitiveness and Development World Bank Institute – will speak of the purpose, potential and the many forms collective action can take. He will speak of the applications of collective action in the context of the World Bank activities provide an overview of a new resource for collective action developed via a multi-stakeholder initiative.

    Alma Rocío Balcázar Romero, Transparencia por Colombia – will describe a civil society-mediated initiative involving a leading industry group which has voluntarily signed up to a code of zero tolerance of bribery in business dealings. She will focus on the challenges of implementation and concrete outcomes of the initiative.

    Sabine Zindera, Vice-President, Corporate Legal and Compliance, Siemens AG – will speak about Siemens’ ongoing multi-country efforts to implement collective action. She will reflect on the challenges the company has encountered in implementing collective action and offer some responses to these challenges.

    Johann Le Frapper, General Counsel Networks Group, Alcatel Lucent – Will speak as chair of the RESIST initiative, a multistakeholder initiative aimed at providing practical guidance for companies in preventing and responding to extortion.

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