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    Workshop: Trust But Verify: Encouraging and Monitoring Corporate Marketing and Supply Chains

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    Workshop abstract

    Well-run corporations and international organizations are getting their own houses in order, with the right message, an appropriate compliance structure, adequate resources, training, and reporting. But what about their marketing and supply chains? The next wave of voluntary anti-bribery efforts will be focused on reducing the risk of and encouraging transparency within marketing and supply chains. Large multinationals find that they have the ability to influence the cultures of smaller companies by placing a premium on good governance and transparency. While these efforts are voluntary and not legally required, vendors, suppliers and other third parties are often keen to meet the rising standards of their principals and customers. It isn’t enough to ask for a commitment to transparency, however. Increasingly corporations are also taking steps to verify the commitment of these third parties and this has led to a robust debate around verification tools, audit rights and how to go far enough without overextending the company’s compliance team.

    This workshop will examine the challenges and best practices around voluntary standards for marketing and supply chains and each step will be illustrated with “real world” examples.

    Coordinator: Alexandra Wrage, President, TRACE

    Moderator: Alexandra Wrage, President, TRACE


    Ms. Kelly Austin, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Hong Kong

    Ms. Pascale Helene Dubois, Sanctions Evaluation and Suspension Officer, The World Bank Office of Evaluation and Suspension

    Ms. Heidi Christin Olsen, Legal Counsel, Legal Department – Compliance, Statoil ASA, Oslo, Norway

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