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    Changing the Rules of the Game

    Empowering People: Securing Lasting Change

    TI National Chapters in more than 40 countries have developed a highly effective and practical approach to fighting corruption. Since 2003, their Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) have provided free legal advice and support to tens of thousands of whistleblowers, victims and witnesses from Armenia to Zimbabwe, and from Haiti to Pakistan. Grounded in people’s concrete concerns, TI Chapters have successfully advocated for numerous changes in public policy and practice.

    This session will share some of the real cases ALACs have received, demonstrating the cross-cutting nature of corruption as well as the tangible changes that empowered citizens can bring about. In a conversation with the participants, we hope to explore in depth the impact of this approach, which seeks to empower people and secure lasting change in the fight against corruption.

    See for more about the ALACs – http://www.transparency.org/alac

    Contributor Team:

    • Katia Hristova-Valtcheva, Programme Director, TI Bulgaria
    • Titus Gwemende, Programme Manager, TI Zimbabwe
    • Alejandro Urízar, Executive Director, Acción Ciudadana (TI Guatemala)
    • Conrad Zellmann, ALAC Senior Coordinator, TI Secretariat

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