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    Changing the Rules of the Game

    How is investigative journalism helping the [game changers]?

    From the early days in the fight against corruption when the ‘C’ word was only whispered in the halls of power, investigative journalists have faced barriers to the truth that include censorship, surveillance, and state control of the media. According to the Committee to Protect Journalist, of the 25 journalists killed thus far in 2010, 31 per cent were reporting on corruption, making it the second deadliest beat after politics.

    Investigative journalism plays a key role in tracing and deciphering how corruption works: its mechanisms, channels and complex networks. Such work has in the past – and continues to do so today – highlighted rampant cases of corruption. However, more subtle and technically complex cases of fraud continue to escape under the radar of journalists and therefore don’t reach the public opinion. This can be addressed by supporting the technical, scientific and legal capacities of journalists, for example in the areas of: money laundering, defence and security sectors and the stock exchange market of environmental funds.

    This demonstrates the need for investigative journalists to become familiar with these issues and also to be more connected and to work together. Corruption does not know boundaries, journalists shouldn’t either.

    Our session will explore the relationship between investigative journalists and civil society leaders, considering them both as active [game-changers] who are challenging corruption. We will seek to draw conclusions on how these relationships can be nurtured in order to continue advancing the fight against corruption.

    Contributor Team:

    • Gerardo Reyes, Investigative Journalist, Miami Herald, USA
    • Giannina Segnini, Investigative Journalist, La Nacion, Costa Rica
    • Miranda Patrucic, System Manager, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting, Project, Bosna i Hercegovina
    • Alessandra Fontana, Project Coordinator Christian Michelsen Institute, Norway
    • Marta Erquicia, Americas Dept, TI Secretariat, Germany

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