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    Changing the Rules of the Game

    Making the invisible visible: technology Vs corruption.

    Citizens are the too often the ones most affected by corruption. For many, corruption and government opacity pose an obstacle to basic public services. Corruption also raises the public’s concerns about political leaders’ actions, and diminishes equal and fair treatment under the law. Additionally, some members of the public may be witnesses or whistleblowers of wrongdoing in their workplace or communities and have no way to report or receive support.

    Up until recently, it has been challenging to integrate these citizens into traditional anti-corruption programmes. This session will discuss opportunities and challenges of using technology and social media to allow citizens to join the fight against corruption and become active in holding their leaders accountable. We will also look at the incentives of specific social groups to make the best use of these new tools.

    How we use theoretical information and collected data is key. To target interventions to support citizens and to make strong arguments in a competitive media environment, we need to use our data to help create meaning – to help tell stories. We can use interactive info graphics, mapping tools and other technologies to reach new audiences and strengthen advocacy strategies.

    We believe that presenting information and visualising data can be an incredible tool to understanding corruption and its impact on people’s lives. In our session we would like to find out how we can improve engaging with citizens and [game-changers] using existing and new technologies.

    Contributor Team:

    • Hernán Charosky, Executive Director, Poder Ciudadano, Argentina
    • Gonzalo Iglesias, Consultant, Argentina
    • Diego Casaes, Global Voices/Esfera (Casa da Cultura Digital), Brazil
    • Marek Tuszynski, Executive Director, Tactical Technology Collective, Poland
    • Stephanie Hankey, Executive Director, Tactical Technology Collective, UK
    • Georg Neumann, Senior Communications Coordinator, TI Secretariat

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