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  • Changing the Rules of the Game

    Workshop: Quit Playing Dumb: responsible citizens and accountable representatives

    The session will explore the current challenges and obstacles for Mexican civil society to achieve accountability; the work against institutional opacity that has been done both across federal institutions and in the Congress. The chair will offer an analysis on the need to strengthen existent mechanisms for citizens to participate and develop new
    ways to promote human and political rights and to improve institutional practices for the parliamentary bodies

    To achieve accountability we needed to promote individual change. Our contributors will explain how this challenge was faced, and how to promote both individual change and participation became the essence of the organization.

    Our session will also discuss how the current rules of the Mexican political system game, lure congressmen to serve party leaders and private sponsors rather than constituents. We will also share our experiences on how DHP* has taken advantage of the acquired experience to produce better outcomes against corruption with less resources and by the use of new information and communication technologies and its marketing style communication.

    We are looking to obtain new ideas and experiences on how to make people react and how to reach and touch the deep heartstrings of the citizens.

    Contributor Team:

    • María Esther Azuela, Executive Director, Dejemos de Hacernos Pendejos (DHP)
    • Roberto Trad, DHP Secretary, Dejemos de Hacernos Pendejos (DHP)
    • José Adolfo Ibinarriaga, President, Dejemos de Hacernos Pendejos (DHP)
    • Raúl Livas, Representative, Dejemos de Hacernos Pendejos (DHP)
    • Alejandra Cullen, Representative, Dejemos de Hacernos Pendejos (DHP)

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