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    Changing the Rules of the Game

    Right to Information as an Anti-Corruption Tool: Strategies for Citizen Empowerment

    The right to information (RTI) is essential in the fight against corruption. It is vital that information is made available to citizens, NGOs, journalists and businesses both through proactive publication and upon request.

    By presenting RTI as a legal tool and demonstrating how it works in practice, this workshop will examine strategies for using the right to know in the fight against corruption.

    Experts at your service: Participants will be able to put their questions and comments to RTI experts. Together they will discuss the most effective strategies for promoting transparency.
    Focus One: Important Features in an RTI Law

    • Presentation of Right to Information Legislation Rating Methodology, a tool to assessing the quality of RTI legislation and discussion of essential features of RTI laws for fight against corruption, for journalists and for environmental movement.

    Focus Two: Practical Use of RTI Laws to Combat Corruption

    • Findings revealed of Tell us What You´ve Done Initiative, in which Access Info Europe and Transparency International used RTI laws to ask governments what they are doing to implement the UN Convention Against Corruption.

    The conclusion of the workshop will review the main strategies that have been identified and consider how participants can apply these strategies in their daily work.

    Contributor Team:

    • Toby Mendel, Executive Director, Centre for Law and Democracy, Canada
    • Dr Johan Lindberg, School of Journalism and Australian Studies, Monash University, Australia
    • Gillian Dell, Programme Manager, Transparency International Secretariat
    • Hussein Khalid, Hussein Khalid, Executive Director of Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI), Kenya.
    • Sinfah Tunsarawuth, Director, Thai Media Law and Policy Centre, Thailand
    • Lydia Medland, Freedom of Information Advocates Network, Access Info Europe, Spain

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