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  • Changing the Rules of the Game

    Workshop: Squashed between a rock and a hard place: 5 positive actions to save civic space

    Join this workshop with civil society experts and non violence practitioners to design 5 actions to counter the current trend that threatens civic space and the people operating in it.

    Trust is based on mutual respect and accountability. Without the state offering a space for civil society and its members to operate, trust is eroded, mistrust abounds and the beneficiaries of civil society work suffer the consequences. Without engaged civil society operating in a safe space, many people all over the world would lose the invaluable support these provide in areas such as humanitarian aid, education and health.

    The healthy functioning of civil society is often threatened through laws, official policies and other unofficial repression that may include: attacks on human rights defenders; restrictions on registration or funding of organisations; arbitrary searches, seizures or even closure of organisations; and barriers to the rights to free expression and assembly. In 2009, the international civil society organization CIVICUS tracked threats in 75 countries, and dozens of anti corruption activists are threatened or attacked each year, while countries review or change the laws that allow civil society space to operate.

    Contributor Team:

    • Ingrid Srinath, Secretary General, Civicus, India
    • Shaazka Beyerle, Senior Advisor, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Australia
    • Andrea Figari, Global Programmes Manager – Advocacy & Protection of Anti Corruption Advocates, TI Secretariat
    • Casey Kelso, Advocacy Director, TI Secretariat, USA

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