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  • Changing the Rules of the Game

    Workshop: Whistleblowing: Moving it to the next level

    12th November 2010 – 15.00 – 17.00

    Whistleblowing plays a critical role in detecting and preventing corruption and other malpractice. However, rather than being seen as champions of the public good, whistleblowers are often perceived as disloyal to their employers or even as traitors or snitches. Their disclosures may not be followed-up and they often face reprisal at their workplace against which they are not adequately protected.

    The need for more effective whistleblowing and adequate protection of whistleblowers is increasingly recognized. Yet there is a huge potential for more whistleblowing which remains unexploited. The aim of this session is to explore ways of moving the promotion of whistleblowing to the next level.

    In the first breakout session, participants will share experience and views about the obstacles to whistleblowing and tackle questions such as

    • What is needed to effectively protect whistleblowers?
    • What is needed to ensure reports of corruption are followed-up and acted upon?
    • What are the key actors that need to be involved in the promotion of whistleblowing?

    The second breakout session will explore ways to overcome these obstacles, by discussing the questions

    • How can anti-corruption and whistleblowing advocates work together in defending the public interest?
    • Do we need a global coalition to promote whistleblowing? If yes, who are the key stakeholders that should join such a coalition, and what should be the main focus of its activities?

    The third breakout session will discuss the next steps that are needed to implement these ideas.

    Contributor Team:

    • Eugene McErlean, Formerly of Allied Irish Banks (plc), Ireland
    • Lorraine Martin, Open Society Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa
    • Francesca West, Public Concern at Work, UK
    • John Devitt, Transparency International Ireland
    • Anja Osterhaus, TI Secretariat, Germany

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