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    Changing the Rules of the Game

    Young People: victims and [game-changers]?

    It is widely recognized that young people are more fragile and easily influenced. Thus they are also, both directly and indirectly, more vulnerable victims of corruption. This is especially so when corruption exists in the education system.

    However, young people are also those who have the most potential to initiate change. For these reasons the international anti-corruption movement is increasingly working on understanding youth integrity, and raising awareness amongst, mobilizing and empowering youth as [game-changers] in the fight against corruption.

    In this session we would like to discuss further, explore and learn from different international experiences about:

    a) the status of young people in respect to corruption (e.g. Are they the most vulnerable victims of corruption? Do they view corruption and integrity differently than “adults”? Who shape their views? Are they the activists who we should bet on); and
    b) how young people can be supported, mobilized and empowered as witnesses, whistleblowers and proactive anti-corruption campaigners?

    Our intention is that this discussion will allow participants to gain experiences of, and be exposed to innovative approaches and ideas. Our focus is how to facilitate young people to contribute towards changing the rule of the game.

    Contributor Team:

    • Nguyen Thi Kieu Vien, Executive Director, Towards Transparency, Vietnam
    • Gina Romero, Executive Director, OCASA , Colombia
    • Dr Dang Hoang Giang, Deputy Director, CECODES (Center for Community Support and Development Studies), Vietnam
    • Do Van Nguyet, Country Manager, Live & Learn, Vietnam
    • Dr. Iftekhar Zaman, CEO, Transparency International Bangladesh
    • Dr Geo-Sung Kim, Chairperson, TI Korea
    • Matthieu Salomon, International Senior Advisor Towards Transparency, Vietnam

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