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    Side Events

    The following open side events will be taking place over the course of the conference. All are welcome to participate.

    11th November 11.00- 12.00/ 12.00-13.00.

    Launch of Transparency International’s Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) programme Manual on analysing and monitoring corruption risks in the forest sector.
    This is part of the FGI programme which has been piloted in 5 countries in Asia-Pacific. Highlights of the findings in the Solomon Islands will also be presented, and a new TI Working Paper on Corruption in Logging Licenses and Concessions will be launched.

    11th November 15.00- 16.00.

    Anti-Corruption Research Network (ACRN) side meeting to exchange ideas on how to most effectively nurture a global, multi-disciplinary anti-corruption research community.
    Transparency International has recently launched a collaborative network – the Anti-Corruption Research Network (ACRN) which acts as an information service for corruption researchers and research users and enables its members to find and share information on the latest and best in research and related resources. It provides these services through a quarterly newsletter and an interactive web platform. The ACRN web platform (www.corruptionresearchnetwork.org) was launched in October 2010 and it already enjoys wide readership and a growing member base. At this meeting ACRN team invites your ideas on how to move forward with the initiative and further develop its functionalities, in order to serve its ultimate purpose to support a thriving global anti-corruption research community whose findings effectively inform policy-making.

    Friday 12 November 11.15 am.

    Publish What You Fund will present its Aid Transparency Assessment, directly after their workshop “Picking the Lock: aid transparency, budget transparency and the MDGs”.

    This is the first global assessment for aid transparency. It compares the transparency of 30 major donors across seven indicators using eight data sources. The indicators cover donors’ commitment to aid transparency, transparency to recipient governments, and transparency to civil society.

    Publish What You Fund plans to carry on with this work on an annual basis and would welcome feedback and suggestions on how to take this work forward.

    12th November 12.00- 13.30.

    Activist Briefing – The New US Oil and Mining Financial Transparency Law – A Powerful Tool for Anti-Corruption Activists
    Join members of the Publish What You Pay coalition and anti-corruption and transparency campaigners from resource-rich countries around the world for a discussion on the ramifications of the recent landmark US legislation requiring mandatory disclosure of payments to host governments by oil and mining companies. Explore ways to get involved in replicating this legislation in other countries and to use information disclosed to hold governments accountable for spending of natural resource wealth. Explore opportunities for greater involvement of Transparency International chapters in the work of the global Publish What You Pay network.

    12th November 14.00- 15.00.

    International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP) launch of report: “Integrating Human Rights in the Anti-Corruption Agenda. Challenges, Possibilities and Opportunities .
    The report follows on from the groundbreaking 2009 ICHRP publication, Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection, which has been acclaimed by civil society organisations, human rights advocates, anti-corruption campaigners, governments and private enterprise. The new report shows that use of a human rights framework enhances national and local anti-corruption strategies and discusses how key human rights principles can be operationalised in anti-corruption work. Recognising the disproportionate impact of corruption on women, the report pays particular attention to the value of adopting a gender strategy. Published in partnership with Transparency International, ICHRP will launch the report in collaboration with TI, and will disseminate the report for free as well. Flyers with information on the project will also be available for distribution.

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