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  • IACC

    Today’s challenges – how can we solve them?

    Each workshop at the Conference will contribute to reaching the Conference objectives by addressing the relevant working questions on:

    – The Conference Theme “Restoring Trust: Global Action for Transparency”
    – Addressing the Global Challenges
    – Empowering citizens: Ideas, inspiration, innovation

    Restoring trust

    1. How can multi-sector partnerships be strengthened and what commitments are needed from each sector?
    2. How can opportunities be created and challenges met for effective collective action initiatives?
    3. How can civil society ensure that public promises are honoured?
    4. Which incentives can ensure effective implementation of corporate citizenship?
    5. How can the challenges for implementing and enforcing international instruments and agreements be met?

    Addressing the Global Challenges

    1. Where and how can transparency and accountability break the links between corruption and:
    – Human insecurity
    – Climate change
    – Unsustainable management of natural and energy resources
    – The corporate world
    2. How can transparency and accountability prevent corruption to the benefit of:
    – The Millennium Development Goals
    – Social equality
    – Human rights
    3. How can citizens ensure that institutions and their policies effectively respond to today’s global challenges?

    Empowering citizens: Ideas, inspiration, innovation

    1. How can citizens use social media, information and communication technologies to strengthen global efforts against corruption?
    2. How can citizen mobilisation strategies fight corruption?
    3. How can whistle blowers and investigative journalists rights be protected?
    4. How can citizens respond to institution failure?
    5. What are the emerging trends in corrupt practices? What innovations can tackle them?

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