Will the World Cup and Olympics bring more corruption to Brazil?

By Sophie Amelia Mendes from the IACC team, and Stella Borzilo, from the Americas department, at Transparency International.

For a few days every year since 2001, dozens of people marching through the towns and villages of the arid Brazilian North East. These are the people who are speaking out against corruption in Brazil, taking part in the March against Corruption organised by the “Popular Force-Task” (in Portuguese: Força-Tarefa Popular), a group who coordinate society to take action against corruption. More than a hundred people take part in the walk, which can be up to 350km in distance and the size and length of the March demonstrates how passionate the anti-corruption movement in Brazil is.  > Read full story

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Are you talkin’ to me?

In a republic with 235 million inhabitants, 17,508 islands, 742 different languages and dialects, about 300 ethnic groups and approximately as many people under the age of 15 as the entire population of France, Transparency International (TI) Indonesia are rapidly reinvigorating the fight against corruption by empowering Indonesia’s youth to take their issue to scale. > Read full story

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Brazil’s status in the Global Economy

In the next 5 years Brazil is set to play host to the World Cup, the Olympics and the Rio+20 Summit, and most importantly, of course, the 15th IACC. Just 30 years ago Brazil was under military rule and had its fair share of economic problems. The transition between these two phases and the way the evolution took place has been remarkable. We take a look at what has happened between now and then and how much or how little the BRICS label has had to do with the shift. > Read full story

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The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference is being held in Brazil next year and there is much that makes Brazil an exciting host country. Its vibrancy and diversity, its position as host of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 and its growing influence in global issues demonstrate the qualities that have secured Brazil its BRICS status. Most people have heard of the term BRICS and know that it involves emerging economies, but what does being a BRICS actually involve, why is Brazil included in this group and what are the international implications? > Read full story

This Is How The Techies Do It

This Is How The Techies Do It

How do you think the technologically-literate people empower the fight against corruption? You may think they’ll use the most advanced gizmos to track or spy on the corrupters. Or at least, developing high-tech methods to catch the grafters red-handed.

But just like how the smartest guys are the ones who can simplify things for people, so are the techies. They make technology easier to be used by everyone, even with their limited access to the wired world, people can participate in ensuring social accountability. > Read full story

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