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In a republic with 235 million inhabitants, 17,508 islands, 742 different languages and dialects, about 300 ethnic groups and approximately as many people under the age of 15 as the entire population of France, Transparency International (TI) Indonesia are rapidly reinvigorating the fight against corruption by empowering Indonesia’s youth to take their issue to scale.

Under the motto, MY DREAM, MY WAY, MY ACTION, SPEAK is a series of social venture workshops that serve as places to go for 15-24 year olds who are fed up with the knock on effects of corruption. The approach is brilliant in its simplicity: its aim is to get young people to speak up and do something to stop corruption. Through sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences and having fun, the participants are equipped with a taste for transparency, and with the knowledge and support they need to tackle the typical apathetic approach to tolerating corruption in their country.

With over a thousand followers, SPEAK also has a core group called SPEAK Active, whose team recently started learning to become facilitators in a workshop developed by TI Indonesia and Ashoka Indonesia. Among the core objectives of ClubSpeak are; teaching the teams about the laws projecting citizens and the role of law enforcement agencies to take action against corruption, such as the Corruption Eradication Commission, also known as the KPK. Workshop participants are often high school students and not only those who take an interest in the anti-corruption movement. SPEAK is also very active in engaging its supporters and new agents of change using social media tools such as twitter and their Facebook fanpage, which consists of more than 2200 active users and rising. ClubSPEAK has followers beyond boarders such as the youth network from Towards Transparency Vietnam.

Since it was founded about 12 months ago, SPEAK has been reaching out to the wider society in Jakarta and surrounding areas – breaking down barriers between class, race and religion. Through a series of workshops, videos and documentaries, bi-weekly discussions, concerts and a range of competitions to promote values, honesty and optimism, SPEAK has rolled out several public campaigns about the importance of youth being critical of the government in terms of transparency and justice.

If you’d like to learn more about SPEAK activities or get involved, contact Retha Dungga, Youth Program Manager, Transparency International Indonesia

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