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Young Journalists

Rajneesh Bhandari, Nepal

Rajneesh Bhandari is a multimedia journalist based in Nepal. He has more than five years of experience in broadcast journalism and is interested in investigative stories. He has reported on the peace process, conflict, corruption, crime, army integration process, human rights issues, national security and other relevant political events in Nepal. Rajnessh currently works with Kantipur Television, one of the popular television stations in Nepal and is a freelance writer for different Asian and international media outlets.

Charlie Saceda, Philippines

Conrado Saceda Jr., better known as Charlie Saceda, has been a photojournalist for more than 12 years. Before returning to the office as Photo Editor for the PECOJON Online Magazine Philippines, Charlie worked as a photojournalist reporting on the many internal conflicts in the southern Philippines where he has extensively covered the military, rebels and terrorism in the region. He finished his photojournalism studies at the Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University and currently works in central Philippines at PECOJON – The Peace and Conflict Journalism Network Philippines which is a network of journalists reporting on conflicts of all categories.

Bunga Manggiasih, Indonesia

Bunga Manggiasih is a reporter for the Koran Tempo Daily newspaper and TempoInteraktif.com. In her two years with the company, she’s covered financial issues, the anti-corruption agency KPK and law courts. Although currently stationed in the Presidential Palace and Vice Presidential Palace –of which she converts the Palace’s affairs into news- her true passion is in covering and pushing the anti-corruption movement and good governance. She also blogs in posterous, tumblr, WordPress, and has pooled them in www.bungamanggiasih.com. She mostly writes in Bahasa, Indonesia.

Wajahat S. Khan, Pakistan

Wajahat S. Khan, also known as Waj, is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the only reporter in the country who works for both sides of ‘The Divide’. A keen experimenter of blogging and tweeting, he corresponds for Newsweek Pakistan and India’s Times’ Now TV. He has been a journalist for most of his life, beginning with his high-school‘s school magazine and later for The Michigan Daily (his university paper), Geo TV and Dawn.

Tonyo Cruz, Philippines

Tonyo Cruz is a blogger, journalist and activist from Manila, Philippines. A member of Bloggers’ Kapihan, he has blogged since 2002 on tonyocruz.com, a winner of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards. He has worked on new media and citizen journalism projects, including the Kabataan partylist campaign as well as the #juanvote and 100ARAW.com coverage of the recent presidential elections. He had a brief stint as a reporter for the English-language daily Malaya and for a Japanese newspaper’s Manila bureau. He served on the College Editors Guild of the Philippines from 1995-2000. He has extensive experience working for and with Philippine movements for democracy, human rights and good governance, as well as for activist partylist Members of the Philippine Congress. He helped form TXTPower that year to champion consumer welfare and other causes through technology. He now advocates #betterinternet for Filipino netizens. He currently writes for AsianCorrespondent.com, among others. You may follow him on Twitter at @tonyocruz.

Jimmy Chalk, Brazil

Jimmy Chalk traces his passion for storytelling through journalism to the late-night bonfires in his native state of Texas. Upon graduation from New York University with a degree from the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music in 2009, he spends time producing documentary films with New York-based artist collective Nomadique, contributing writings and photography on a freelance basis. He also utilises much of his time by contributing to publications including The New Indian Express, NDTV Hindu and Perfect Sound Forever as well as supporting the communications team at International Justice Mission’s field office in Chennai.

Pooja Shahani, Hong Kong

Pooja Shahani was born and raised in bustling Hong Kong. She has been educated in Hong Kong, India and America respectively. This past year, she was a fellow in India working with a NGO to develop and implement a community radio initiative with rural young persons in villages. During her college years, she discovered a passion for grassroots media as she explored various forms of media, from writing articles to news broadcasting, to radio stories. More recently, she returned to Hong Kong after seven years and as a freelancer.

Kornchanok Raksaseris, Thailand

Kornchanok Raksaseri is a reporter for the newspaper The Nation in Thailand for approximately five years. In the meantime, her employer formed a team of young journalists to make the most of digital media as the channels to our readers. As a member of this team, she reports on breaking news for the www.nationmultimedia.com website and writes articles for her blog as well. She mainly covers politics, but with the support of her lovely colleagues, she also covers social, economic, religious and entertainment issues from time to time.

Munza Mushtaqs, Sri Lanka

Munza Mushtaq is a senior journalist from Sri Lanka with more than ten years of writing experience and a former news editor of two leading English language newspapers in Sri Lanka. Mushtaq, born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has both local and international exposure and covers a wide range of issues in the Sri Lankan political and development arena. She writes extensively on local political developments, human rights dilemmas, energy, environment and health issues, corruption and mismanagement by bureaucrats, which have appeared in both local and foreign media. She has traveled abroad on various programmes, sponsored by leading international organisations in the likes of the Asian Development Bank and the United States Agency for International Development. Mushtaq began her journalism career in 2000 at the Daily Mirror newspaper as a trainee journalist and then joined the Sunday Standard newspaper in 2005 where she served as a senior journalist for nearly one and a half years. In June 2007 she joined The Nation newspaper as its News Editor. She later joined a Sunday newspaper namely the Sunday Leader also as its News Editor. At present, Mushtaq functions as the correspondent for the UK based International News Services and the Asahi Shimbun in Japan. She is also the Managing Editor of Lanka Tribune, an award winning fortnightly Sri Lankan newspaper in Europe.

Other Contributors

Sophie Mendes, UK

Sophie Mendes is a social media and communications intern at Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin. She is working with the IACC team to help prepare for the 15th IACC in Brazil next year. Previously she worked at 38 Degrees in London and before that graduated from Sussex University with a BA in Politics and International Relations.

Paula O’Malley, Ireland

Prior to joining the IACC team for the Athens preparations, Paula worked with the Water Integrity Network (WIN), a network devoted to collective action against corruption in the water sector. Paula is a literature graduate from Trinity College Dublin and recipient of a STIBET scholarship where she studied at Universität Konstanz. Paula speaks Irish, German, French and English.