Are you talkin’ to me?

In a republic with 235 million inhabitants, 17,508 islands, 742 different languages and dialects, about 300 ethnic groups and approximately as many people under the age of 15 as the entire population of France, Transparency International (TI) Indonesia are rapidly reinvigorating the fight against corruption by empowering Indonesia‚Äôs youth to take their issue to scale. Read more »

This Is How The Techies Do It

This Is How The Techies Do It

How do you think the technologically-literate people empower the fight against corruption? You may think they’ll use the most advanced gizmos to track or spy on the corrupters. Or at least, developing high-tech methods to catch the grafters red-handed.

But just like how the smartest guys are the ones who can simplify things for people, so are the techies. They make technology easier to be used by everyone, even with their limited access to the wired world, people can participate in ensuring social accountability. Read more »

Empowering Empowerment

When you’re having a conference of more than 1000 participants, like the conference we’ve got here, you cannot expect real dialogues inside the sessions. Most of it will be one-way and although the discussions might be interesting, it won’t be engaging.

Unless you’re lucky and plung yourself into one of the People’s Empowerment Special Sessions, tucked inside the Ballroom A, nearby the registration booths.

The rules here are different with other sessions. There are four circles with different focuses. Each circle is populated by about 40 people. You can choose two of them, each lasting for 40 minutes. One or two panelists will talk first for about 5-10 minutes, and then it’s the participants’ turn to tell their own stories.

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