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  • IACC

    Airport / Transportation

    Before arriving Thailand

    For your convenience at the immigration point please provide your flight details and passport number after registration or booking official hotels.

    Before you leave for Thailand, don’t forget the following:

    Travel check list:
    • Passport
    • Flight tickets & details
    • Registration confirmation letter (this is really important to ensure there’s no delay at immigration!)
    • Hotel confirmation
    • The baggage handlers will know you are an IACC participant if you print the following baggage tag and place it on your bag.

    Arriving in Thailand

    When you arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport, the first check-point is an immigration counter. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a Fast Track Lane just for registered 14th IACC participants. To use the lane you only need to present your 14th IACC registration confirmation payment letter to the officer in order to get into the lane. Click here to see the sample of the letter.

    14 IACC

    After fast tracking, exit to Baggage Claim where you will meet 14th IACC staff, please indicate yourself and inform your personal information and destination to our staff in order to arrange a transfer service for you. Please don’t forget we can only provide transport to the official IACC Hotels and hotels in Sukhumvit area. If you’re not staying in an official IACC Hotel and hotels in Sukhumvit area.

    If you’ve somehow missed the 14th IACC staff at this point, please find a way to go to the 14th IACC counter which is located beside baggage claim number 17-18 (next to Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau counter:TCEB). The 14th IACC info desk can be easily identified as you’ll be able to see the conference banner on the counter as shown in the picture below.

    14 IACC

    After filling the participant name, hotel name, number of luggages, and departure flight details, our staff will escort you by using Exit C where you can also declare your belongings to the CUSTOMS check-point (if any), after that, our staff will direct you to Transportation pick up point.

    14 IACC

    At GATE No. 4 our transportation staff will be there to provide a transfer service according to your information provided. If you cannot find our counter inside the arrival hall, please use Exit C, and turn right until you meet Gate Number 4. At Gate 4 you’ll see the 14th IACC banner and IACC airport staff. Please present your registration confirmation letter to our transportation staff in order to avail of the transfer service.

    14 IACC

    Don’t forget! :
    1. The transfer service is complimentary for the 14th IACC participants and will be arranged from Suvarnabhumi Airport to 14 Official Hotels and hotels within Sukhumvit area only.
    2. The arrival service will be provided from 9 -11 November 2010 only.

    How to get around during your stay in Thailand

    The 14th IACC Hosts will give you two public transportation cards (t-cards), which includes the sky train and sub-way. Each card is worth 500 THB, and can be used for every station. If you use the complete amount of credit on your t-card, you can simply recharge your t-card at every station by topping up with THB Thai Bahts. The minimum recharged rate is 100 THB. If you don’t fully use your t-cards to their value, please hand them back to the information desk at the conference venue and we’ll make sure they are recycled.

    The t-cards look like the picture below and will be given to you upon accreditation to the Conference.

    14 IACC

    Departure from Thailand

    The transfer service back to Suvarnabhumi Airport is available from 13 – 15 November 2010. You are asked to please re-confirm your departure flight, date, and time at transportation desk which will be located at Main Foyer of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on 11 – 13 November 2010 at 08.30 – 17.30 hr. or you can contact and re-confirm your departure details to our call center at +66 2-930-1522-26 (24 hr.)

    1. Please note that you have to re-confirm your departure schedule prior to your departure time at least 4 hours in advance in order to ensure an arrangement of your transfer service.
    2. The transfer service will be arranged from 14th IACC official hotels and hotel in Sukhumvit Area to Suvarnabumi Airport only.

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